A Former Socialist

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published four books such as South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini, The Day China Cried by
Daniel Nardini, My Taiwan, Seoul and Guadalajara (Mexico) Memoirs by Daniel Nardini, and
My Italian American Family, Rural Taiwan and Lawndale News Memoirs by Daniel Nardini. 
                            At present, I am writing my fifth book. This deals with my years in the
Socialist Workers Party USA. For five years I was a socialist, and yes I did travel to four Communist
states. One of them was Cuba. In many ways, Cuba shares a lot with North Korea, and one of
those unfortunate realities was that Cubans could not travel outside of the country without special
permission (which was for all due purposes never given). The government controlled all of the
media (as it still does), and you could only join one party—the Communist Party of Cuba. 
Freedom of speech, as well as the freedom to disagree, was non-existent. Saying anything
bad about the leader of the time, Fidel Castro, could earn someone a prison sentence, and
all of the history textbooks were simply the government line. All of this disillusioned me, and
made me realize that all Communist states share these features. If this was a blueprint for
the “socialist future,” then I wanted to have nothing to do with it. It took me years to see how
all this has led to a truly poor quality of life for everyone under socialism, and why I eventually
abandoned socialism and am no longer a member of the Socialist Workers Party or any other
American left wing party. What troubles me are the growing number of young people here in
the United States who are turning towards socialism and joining political left parties like the
Socialist Workers Party. I find it disturbing, and I am wondering why so many young people
here have learned nothing from history?