The Differences between Taiwan and North Korea

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                             As I have said before, I used to live in Taiwan and have traveled back to 
Taiwan twice. The sad thing is that like North Korea, the United States does not diplomatically
recognize Taiwan and there is no U.S. embassy there. I hope this situation changes because
Taiwan is a full fledged capitalist democracy that is truly trying to defend itself against China. And 
just as sadly just like North Korea, many countries in the world do not recognize Taiwan (again due
to pressure from China). Aside from these similarities, the differences are staggering. As I said,
Taiwan is a democracy with with two major ruling parties and a number of ruling minor parties.
North Korea only has one; the Korea Workers Party. Taiwan has a free and unlimited press and
complete freedom of religion. No such thing in North Korea. Taiwan’s quality of life is well above
anything North Korea or many countries in Asia have. While North Korea cannot export much,
Taiwan is one of the largest exporters of electronics, machine tools and machines, high tech
equipment and toys, and agricultural products like rice and tropical fruit. But most of all, Taiwan
is a threat TO NO ONE. It has missile technology, and most likely Taiwan could build nuclear
weapons if need be. But even with the threat from China it does do so currently. Taiwan certainly
does not test or shoot missiles at any of its neighbors, and certainly does not threaten any of
its neighbors with military force if it does not get its way. Taiwan does NOT threaten anyone
to “negotiate with it or else,” and even when China has threatened Taiwan with military force
Taiwan has tried to keep economic and travel relations with China. I have to ask the question
why more countries do not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan including the United States?!